Most days on the farm are exciting and full of new life and adventure. Today wasn’t one of those days! For those of you who knew our dog Taz, he passed away this morning after 15 years, to the day, with our family. I am not one to put pets in the same category as people or children, but, I was not prepared for the emotions of this event. He was a loyal, protective, forgiving, and loving pet. I think my wife said it best in a text to our children regarding Taz: “I am going to be honest and tell you it was a horribly hard morning but he is now at peace and doesn’t have to cry any more. He was such a good dog, that will always have a place in all of our hearts. I know we will see him again. He will wait patiently for us to come home as he always did! Coincidentally, our dogwood is blooming in our back yard today…”

One of the benefits of a property like this one is that you have options when something like this happens… We were planning on cremation but the kids were overwhelmingly against it. They were all in favor of my wife and me going out in the rain and digging a hole… an easy decision when you don’t have to do it! We found a beautiful secluded spot close to the lower pasture in what we call the “Christmas Tree Farm” and buried Taz there.

Can you tell why we call it our Christmas Tree Farm?

And Jeanie decorated the grave…

Farewell, sweet Taz! We will miss you!