After losing the bid on another property we bid on this one sight unseen. There were 4 bids and all were rejected. Our first stop in PA after driving across the country was this property – we wanted to see it before deciding whether to bid again at a higher price. This was our first visit to the property… Pretty rough, lots of work, but a beautiful property with lots of potential!

There were several outbuildings – most needed alot of work

116 year old farmhouse – total reno!
but it has a fun fireplace
kitchen has to go!

The main house was interesting – when we walked through the door we didn’t know if we could make it through without gas masks – imagine a 5000 square foot kitty litter box with no ventilation…

The property, however, was gorgeous


We decided to bid again – there were several bidders but we won the bid – 2 months later we finally closed – then the fun began!