We have a 60 foot ash tree in our back yard… unfortunately 99% of the ash trees in the US will die because of an infestation of ash bores. Our Ash trees are not part of the 1% and this one is leaning toward our house, and the bedroom that we sleep in. Every time there is a storm we wonder if the tree will decide to pay us a visit…

We did some trimming but clearly the tree had to come down
The picture is straight, the tree is crooked… leaning toward the house! approximate weight – 8 to 10 thousand pounds.

We put off the inevitable as long as we could… this week the tree had to come down! The problem was, we weren’t sure if we could bring it down without it falling on the house. The following video is our “dummy’s guide on how to cut down a 60 foot tree, that is dying and leaning toward your house, because you don’t want to die in your sleep when it crashes through the roof”… will we succeed or will we need to rebuild our house?

I must confess, I was more than a little bit nervous when I was making the last cuts!
Brief summary after the fact

Luckily Shaw was here to help me clean up the mess! Jeanie decided to go shopping instead…

We should sleep well tonight!