The problem with having an old barn and a creative wife is that eventually there is bound to be more work for me! Several months ago she decided to use some old barn wood and make a “logo” for the farm. Unfortunately, she had no idea how to get the five and a half foot, hundred pound plus monster fifteen feet up onto the side of the barn… she figured that was not her problem…

After letting it sit there as long as I could, my son-in-law came to town and she put it on our to-do list…

I figured if I could pull down a 60 foot tree, I might be able to use some of the same equipment to pull up a piece of artwork…

I rigged up the art-work with ropes and pulleys that I had bought to fell trees and attached the rope to the Bad-Boy… then I drove forward until it was in place, leveled it, and attached it to the wall.
we bought the farm barn art

The design is a quilting pattern called “flying geese”. Soon after we bought the farm we noticed that geese regularly flew over the property, singing their song, as they went to a nearby pond. It seemed appropriate!

we bought the farm "barn art"

I’m glad that’s over with!