We were on an American Airlines flight this week and saw an article in the American way magazine about Rage rooms… Apparently people pay a lot of money to destroy rooms! We discover this when most of the demolition is done!?!?!? We could have had other people do a lot of the work and made money at the same time!!!

American Way Magazine July 2019

I suppose the destruction has been therapeutic… I certainly don’t have any trouble seeping at night.

Apparently Jeanie had a lot of stress to relieve
Demolition of floor
Sawzalls are as good at relieving stress as a sledge hammer!
Sawzall therapy
Ceiling rage relief can be fun too!
Taking a lot of rage to the dump!
Shower rage therapy – wall coming down!

As a final note… I can’t believe I didn’t think about sledge hammering the toilets… they would have been so much easier to carry out!