When we are so focused on all that we have to do, we tend to miss out on the beauty around us. Here is what we see when we stop and take a few minutes to smell the roses… actually, I don’t think we have any roses, but you get the idea!

There is always something growing!
Identifying animal tracks is easier in the winter… Squirrel?
Light and shadows are constantly changing!
Lots of flowers…
We love the seasons – every day is a new view!
We finally got a chance to use our snowshoes…
Looks like the garage is on fire…
The main trail going to the upper meadow
Interesting moon-rise a couple of nights ago
I never get tired of looking at the rock walls… we have about a mile of them on the property…built in the 1700’s it must have been a lot of work!
We’ll have a view of this from the master bedroom… if we ever get it done
Looks like popcorn
Sugar maple tree, old barn, rock wall