If viewing dead animals might cause you physical or emotional distress you should skip this post! It is however part of our story. Soon after we bought the farm we became familiar with the circle of life in rural PA… it is part of the “fixin the farm” experience.

Dead cat extraction from farm house basement

The next day we checked and the cat was gone… we figured one of two things had happened 1. the cat had resurrected and walked away or 2. the natural order of things had taken place. Your guess is as good as mine! But the adventure wasn’t over… there was another basement!

We found another one!

As we did our due diligence we found out some very interesting things about the history of the previous occupants of the house, the full story will be in another post. One of the things that we learned was that the lady that lived there was a cat lady – she apparently had lots of cats. When we found dead cats we assumed that she just abandoned them when she left. Turns out we were wrong. We found this paper in the bushes between the houses… must have blown off the farm house. It looks like she tried to take all of her animals to a shelter but couldn’t get the two that we found – in spite of the difficulties she was going through she obviously cared about the cats.

Note was found in bushes
Cat removal from main house

Between the cat pee remediation and the dead cats in the basements we have chosen not to have cats… Our next post will not be quite so depressing – we’ll do some more before and after.