Unfortunately, when you design a kitchen in an old house you never know what you are going to run into when you open up the walls. We ran into a couple of structural issues and a ventilation issue. There was a beam centered directly above the stove where the ventilation hose was supposed to go and there was no good way to move the stove. Since they were not lined up we had to angle the slinky tube for the stove exhaust to get to the exhaust shaft. Now, I was OK with a slinky in my kitchen but, you may have guessed it, my wife was not!

Interested in how much we spent on this project? the answer is at the end. Make a guess… don’t cheat…


I’ll have to admit, it looks a little bit better… but it was a whole lot more work! Here are a few more pics of the process…

Total Cost: $46.00 Most of the materials were leftover from other projects or from the Demo – moral… Don’t throw stuff away!

On to the next project!